Plattekill Wet-Down
at Thomas Felton Park
July 15, 2007
Hey, we heard there was a Wet-Down here - So Let's get Wet!!!!!!

OK, Here Comes My Big Brother - We'll Get You Wet Now!!!

Ooops!!! We Might Be Slightly Outnumbered????

Here Comes Gardiner - We'll Get Them Now!!!

Or Maybe Not!!!! Where Is All That Water Coming From???

OK Gardiner - Its' Up To You Now!!!!

Hey Chief---Why's Water Coming Out Of The Quick Dump???

Yes -- That Is An Indian Tank -- 5 Gallons vs. 2500 Gallons

Ummm - Is That Two 5500 Gallon Tankers Over There??? Houston We Have A Problem!!


Chief, What's The Pressurized Water Extinguisher For??

We've Got Them On The Run Now!!!!!!

Go, Go, Go !!!!

Nice Trucks --- Good Luck Plattekill

Tommy Lee And The General Were There Too!!!!  No Thats' Not Tommy!!

Move Over Guys --- Here Comes Orange County

Let The Water Fly !!!!!

And A Great Time Was Had By All !!!!!!!