Welcome to the Gardiner Fire Department President’s Page


2008  is Here!!!!






Help Prevent Brush Fires ---- Gardiner is a New York State “Fire” Town


Burn Permits are required for all open burning


Burn Permits are available at the Town Hall and also at

Majestic’s Hardware




One Year ends and another begins.  Last year we logged over 400 calls for Fire and Rescue assistance.  Between active calls and ongoing training, thousands of manhours are invested by our members to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Gardiner.  But we can't do it all by ourselves.  We are constantly recruiting new members to share the work load.  You know the old adage: "Many hands make light work".  We know that your time is a precious commodity (and we all have little of it to spare), BUT if you can spare some why not ask us about the Volunteer Emergency Service.  We could sure use your help.  There is no pay other than the satisfaction of helping your neighbors when they need it most, but give it a try, you'll like the feeling it gives you.


Again, let me remind you that if you haven't changed the batteries in all of your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors lately, invest a few dollars and do it now in order to insure that they work when you need them most.  We are now in the middle of the heating season and your equipment is working its' hardest to keep you warm, thereby increasing the danger of a serious fire.  Oh, and if you heat with a wood stove, check your chimney and have it cleaned if required to avoid a chimney fire.


You may have noticed the work being done at our main firehouse recently.  The entire firehouse has been re-painted inside and out by a local work crew who donated their services (Thanks guys for a super job).  Our new energy efficient windows have also been installed.  The roof has been repaired and the soffits and gable ends of the building were replaced.  We are also working on plans for a new addition, air conditioning the meeting room, an energy efficient boiler, and other renovations to the station.  All of this work is/will be funded by your generous contributions and we truly appreciate your continued support. 


You may not be aware that although the Fire Apparatus (vehicles and equipment) are funded by the Gardiner Fire District through your Fire Tax, the buildings that house this apparatus are owned and maintained by the Gardiner Fire Department Inc., which is a ‘Not-for-Profit Membership Corporation’.  The Fire Department relies totally on fund raising, contributions, and building rental fees to pay all of our expenses (including but not limited to electric, telephone, building maintenance, heating oil, and other improvements).  Thanks for helping us to help you when you need us.


Let me close by wishing you and your family a Safe and Happy New Year 2008.  Oh, and remember, when you need us just dial ‘911’ and we’ll be there to help.



Firematically Yours,


Bill Ecker

President - GFD